Creative Services

Creative contents, inspiring ideas? It’s all a matter of technology.

bright! creative – this is a team of creative and technical experts in the event industry. Our cross-sector expertise as well as our many years of industry experience make us a reliable partner. We support our clients worldwide in implementing their event ideas. bright! creative designs and produces content for events and is also a link between creativity and technology.

Our team can assess whether ideas can be technically implemented efficiently, and how. On the other hand, we are also aware of the subtleties that are especially important to the artists who develop the ideas, and we incorporate these into the technical implementation. We advise the often very different players at an event about these aspects and bring our extensive know-how to bear at the decisive points as a solid partner.


Projection Mapping

Don’t have any illusions! That’s our job.

Video projections are usually destined for a life on movie screens. Sometimes, however, they leave this familiar place and jump elsewhere – to objects, façades or even entire buildings.

Such “Projection Mappings” change their carrier objects. The art of projection makes them come alive, puts them into motion, conveys emotions, transforms them into new objects. Architecture takes on new forms. And the best part is that our perception succumbs to these optical illusions.

No matter what projection surface you make available to our animation artists, projection mapping makes it a place of illusion – with ever-new enchanting and surreal effects.



Being there is everything? We take it one step further.

Our use of interactive media and technology lets the visitor affect spaces, situations and moods himself.

Giving the audience a more active role is the basic idea behind the use of interactive media. Active participation creates a powerful experience that remains unforgettable. Your gesture controls the video projection. Your push of a button puts the product in the limelight. Your movement changes the mood in the room.

The attention and involvement of the visitor increases – and the message of your brand or product comes alive.



Surprises? Sure – but not on the day of the event.

Our 3D simulation lets you preview your event in photorealistic quality. And long before the setup.

Snapshots from any perspective, tracking shots through the set – the virtual preview of your event shows all details, even in the planning stage. This service lets us clarify uncertainties well in advance, not when you are running out of time.


Light & Media Operating

Good compositions are a delight – if the conductor presents them properly.

The operator presents a visual composition on site: he conducts the concert of lights and projections at an event. An operator must translate the wishes of the artists into the language of light and media technology.

We do this particularly well. Concept and technology are both native languages of the bright! team. We speak this language throughout the world and constantly learn new dialects. With this experience, we make each piece of choreography shine.



You should spend your nights in bed – not in empty halls!

Save yourself time and money. We program complete light shows in our preprogramming studio, long before the setup.

This is based on a WYSIWYG CAD drawing that is created by our team or provided by you. The cost is comparatively small: instead of a full day of production on site, you only pay for the operator in our studio.

Our studio can even come to you. As a special service, we provide a mobile office and preproduction trailer. This fully air-conditioned semitrailer can be deployed anywhere within a very short time. In addition to two offices, the mobile studio has a lounge with a kitchen and a bedroom with three beds.




Light & Stage Design

If you want to fire up emotions, we provide the necessary fire.

To put people in the right mood – that is the job of lighting and stage design. We have mastered this art. Years of international experience have made us masters at staging spaces.

Whether through lighting, video projections or 3D animations, we can interpret moods across all media and put them into complex contexts.

With our knowledge of space and perspective, of color and design, we provide the necessary creative energy that will thrill your audience.


Spatial Staging

Framing space and time – that is our greatest passion!

bright! approaches staging holistically: the separation of creation and technology, of concept and medium, is obsolete. We are sure of this. Our interdisciplinary approach has proven its worth at countless events around the world and demonstrated the advantages of creating synergies.

From the small stage to public space – we want to change places. To create a new perception of time and space – that’s our goal. And we will use any means to achieve it!