Event Engineering

Technology at its best – that is only possible with the right concept.

bright! event engineering uses the full range of event technology to create perfect presentations. We love to transform rooms. Detailed technical expertise alone is not enough here. Only thorough expertise in creation and conception leads to success. With our seamless technical planning and a workflow that we keep transparent for you, our team also ensures that everything goes as planned at your event. And if you have any remaining wishes, your contact person will ensure that they come true in short order.

First-class reliable equipment is a matter of course for us. Our equipment is constantly being maintained and is always at the cutting edge of technology. Take advantage of the synergy of engineering and design: we act as a link between creativity and technology at events worldwide. This allows us to better assess whether and how ideas can be technically realized in an efficient way. And we know the subtleties that make the difference in the technical implementation of your ideas.



To understand light, you must also understand darkness.

Light changes rooms – but darkness does, too. Only a balanced combination and sensitive coordination lead to a perfect result. This applies to architectural lighting as much as to stage lighting, to effect lighting as much as to room lighting.

Light affects our perception. And this is at the heart of our approach: to recreate objects, spaces and places through the well-considered use of lighting. Our many years of experience in the creative sector have sharpened our eye for this.

We combine craft and creativity to form the perfect pair. And we give priority to what it’s really all about: the result. We ensure that your event will appear in the best light.




Sound Systems

We want your event to be an earworm.

Make yourself heard: set the ears of your guests abuzz. Sound can put a whole room of people into a particular mood. It should be fresh and clear, because the sound makes the music, not the volume. With just the right sound, music can convey emotions and provide the voice for your messages.

Together with you, we pay a lot of attention to detail in creating the perfect sound so you will hit the right note exactly where you want it.



Video & LED

Emotion or information: your story will come across in moving images.

People think and feel in images. Visual representations speak to our emotions and let us understand important details. Moving images are an important part of events.

Projection surfaces and LED screens are common platforms. But the video medium has long since broken free from its limitations. It unleashes its power as part of a stage set and makes a whole room come alive. Entire events can be “played out” in stories using this technique.

We will show you what is possible and how to infuse your event with life using media, so that you leave potent and positive images in the minds of your guests.


Rigging & Stage Construction

Ideas need a stage, and concepts need a solid framework to be in the spotlight on the stage we call the world.

The stage is the foundation of any production. Even small platforms achieve great effects by letting the actors stand out from the crowd.

The rigging is the backbone of the event. It gives rooms a functional structure and provides support for the technical stage equipment. The rigging lets the interior design float and transports the show effects to any point in the room.

The use of truss systems and other structures opens up completely new dimensions in space for our rigging teams – especially in terms of height, so you can let your ideas soar.


Decoration & Stand Construction

Clothes make the room.

To give existing rooms a new look requires more than technology. A professional interior design brings colors, spatial structure and decorative elements into line with each other. Nevertheless, it is often the simple things that show the greatest effect: wrap fabrics can create a completely new feel in no time at all.

We guarantee perfect craftsmanship in decorating and constructing your trade fair stand. We pay attention to detail and ensure that your company is dressed for the occasion.



Technical Planning & CAD

We make sure that things are fraught with tension at the finale, not during the setup.

Interdisciplinary work from the beginning? This is standard for us. Planning and visualization take place simultaneously. All criteria necessary for the planning, approval and implementation of the event, such as CAD drawings, bills of materials, energy calculations, structural calculations, cable planning and much more, are included.

This way of working ensures that the creative requirements of our teams of lighting, sound and video specialists are in line with those of designers, decorators and other stakeholders. And what that means for you is a consistently transparent planning process for your event – right from the start.