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bright! is a visual design and media technology studio working on events, shows, broadcast productions and trade fairs. we focus on augmented reality, virtual production and interactive-digital brand experiences and are one of europes leading service providers in the field of virtual production and augmented reality. over the past two years we have realized more than 3.000 hours of live broadcasted and recorded e-sports tournaments, tv shows and events equipped with our virtual production workflows.


we are based near Frankfurt, Germany and specialized in uniting innovative technology solutions with design services – uncompromising, at the heart of innovation and worldwide.


we love what we do and are always striving for new adventures to explore and new technologies to implement in our works. creativity and curiosity are our main assets, managing multicultural teams in large parts of the world is a solid foundation to many of our international large scale projects.


all the above, paired with key skills like project-management and -financing as well as a reasonable amount of perfectionism make our projects what they are – unique creations, tailored to the needs of our customers and always pushing creative and technological boundaries.


ok – enough of the serious talk. in the end it is about making memories around the globe, pushing boundaries of creativity and working with the best team and collaborators.