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blank SPACE 

The blank SPACE offers a versatile and comprehensive space that caters to a wide range of creative professionals.



Whether you are an advertising film production company, a photographer, a feature film production team, or simply someone who loves to capture moments with a camera, our studio, only 25 minutes from Frankfurt airport, is the perfect place for you.


What sets us apart is our cross-disciplinary competence, which means we understand the unique needs and requirements of various creative endeavors. We believe in providing a space that fosters collaboration and allows professionals from different fields to come together and create something truly remarkable.


Basic package:

• Studio space 300sqm incl. technical maintenance staff

• Small PA system

• Wireless microphone

• Basic power and consumables package

• Electricity on meter basis

• Basic furniture in fitting rooms

• Parking spaces

Additional room packages:

• Designated conference rooms

• Lounge area for catering or speaker retreat

Lighting package:

• Astera Titan Tubes, Hydra Panels, Elation KL panels and various other fixtures

• Grand MA lighting control

• various grip, flags, bouncers etc. available

Full LED background:

• LED wall ROE Ruby 2.6 with Megapixel processing |  12.5x4m

• Video playback system with video inputs or file delivery

Virtual Production:

• disguise based or Unreal N-Display workflow

• Stype Camera Tracking

• Stage Precision SP & Shield for VP or AR



Edisonstr. 8

63477 Maintal

HE / Germany