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Digital Experience Days

at bright! office


Digital experience days at bright! office








8 different stations
Interactive functions
Latest technology
This project was our personal playground, where we could test our skills, ideas, and the limits, but especially the possibilities of the different software we use and their combinations.


Projects that are not under strict instructions allow you to let your creativity run wild. We created several interactive installations using software such as Stage Precision, Notch, Unity, and Unreal. This allowed us to capture people’s movements or positional data and incorporate it into these installations differently. We invited our clients to our office to share this unique experience. The numerous interactive stations were set up in a way that showed pure function and focused on knowledge transfer.


With this project, we wanted to test the technical limits of the software programs we are using within the games or setups we designed. Many current trends in the live communications industry were included as inspiration and to build a bridge to today’s world.


The majority of the bright! team spent January 2020 learning about tracking and real-time technologies and augmented and extended reality application possibilities. The implementation used a variety of 2D and 3D tracking systems. XR technology was the centerpiece of one of the largest installations, the XR Studio.


Additional equipment at the stations: eye and skeleton tracking, base tracking, optitrack, vive tracking, lidar tracking, stype tracking, disguise, kinect, encoder, sliding exhibit, and VR station with VR glasses.