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virtual production

what we offer.


bright! is one of europes leading service providers in the field of virtual production and augmented reality. over the past two years we have realized more then 3.000 hours of live broadcasted and recorded e-sports tournaments, TV shows and events equipped with our virtual production workflows.


we own all needed technology for state of the art multi-cam VP & AR workflows and deliver the full scope of creative services with an in-house team. this makes us your go-to partner for turnkey virtual production, green screen and augmented reality productions.



about virtual production.


virtual production has become an increasingly important part in many industries. it promises a revolution in the way digital content is transported.


in our understanding, virtual production is an umbrella term for multiple technologies and workflows and can be divided into three core types:


• augmented reality
• LED volumes and xR stages
• green screen

augmented reality

augmented reality or simply AR, can be seen as the entry level of tracked virtual environments. it is easier to implement then xR and comes without the challenges of live-green-keys or LED volumes. in our world of digital brand communication the term AR does not refer to device-based apps that let you check out furniture before you buy it. for us, AR is mostly used for front-plate graphics that are rendered over the feed of a broadcast camera in live communication or television.


to use AR, we need to know the cameras position in 3D space in dependency to the overall physical 3D space that our stage with talents is in. in addition we need to know the lens data such as field of view, focus and lens distortion parameters. this tracking information is usually gathered by optical tracking systems feeding their data into a data handling software like Stage Precision. from there, the information is used in a 3D engine like Unreal to generate a perspective-perfect picture, matching the underlying camera feed.


with the help of AR we can add objects such as decorative ceiling structures, floor patterns, full virtual sets, large typography elements or branding objects to stages. this brings us the possibility of transforming spaces into worlds without physical boundaries.


in addition, we can use real-time data integrations or user generated contents with AR. this creates a more intuitive dimension of information and lets viewers consume your content in in a more sustainable way.



LED volumes & xR stages

the term „LED volumes“ generally applies to the use of LED walls, floors and ceilings to display a matching perspective of a realtime graphical environment to a coresponding real world camera feed on the LED surfaces. With this, people and objects can be placed in virtual environments. in contrast to legacy green screen workflows, all talents in the set have a direct impression of where they are standing and what is happening around them. in addition, all reflective surfaces have a correct visual mapping of all objects from the virtual world around them.


xR stages are a more technologically complex workflow within an LED volume and often implies an LED floor. an additional dynamic virtual graphics-foreground layer is used at the edges of the actual LED screens to generate an infinite virtual 3D environment.



green screen

green screen productions to us mean a fully digital environment that talents can be placed in. here as well, a tracked camera position is used to render a matching perspective from a real time engine. in opposition to AR, which only gives the possibilities to add foreground graphics, green-key VR can also be used to add backgrounds even without an LED volume. all real-world persons and objects are filmed in a green environment and are keyed out and combined with a virtual fore- and background in realtime.