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Frankfurt celebrates old town inauguration


Drone performance and show design




Atelier Markgraph




Germany’s first drone performance
Accuracy and comprehensibility from all perspectives
For the inauguration of Frankfurt’s newly reconstructed old town, Atelier Markgraph wanted to make use of drone technology to tell the history of the quarter, deeply rooted in the history of the city itself.


We developed and executed a lighting design to accompany the drone show above our hometown’s sky and took care of the lighting design and choreography of the drones‘ LED lights. This basic design was connecting the audience level to the performance in the sky. The intent was to merge both elements, the drone lights as well as the architectural and beam lights into one show experience. Besides this, we took care of the development of the drone choreography, transforming Markgraph’s ideas into flyable data.


We started out with basic shape analysis exploring, which 3D shapes could be used to tell the story and continued with complex transformations of the drone swarm in 3D space. The result of our work was a data export which was then passed to the drone provider Skymagic. In concept phase it was important to find out how the different drone patterns and shapes would work for the different audience perspectives. On-site it was important to verify if these perspectives would match our expectations and if the show was visually understable from all perspectives.