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Interactive Sphere Grid

Live Entertainment Award 2017



Kinetic by motion tracking




PRG Germany




Controlling 169 number of spheres at the same time
The initial idea of the „interactive sphere grid“ installation is the first-ever usage of kinetic elements controlled by motion tracked people. It was an immersive kinetic installation concepted and realized in collaboration with hantmade and Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign. It took place on the occasion of the Live Entertainment Award 2017 in Frankfurt’s iconic venue – the Festhalle.


Artists walking under and within the installation of 169 kinetic spheres were given the ability to stage their very own set with this 3-dimensional light sculpture. Whilst large parts of the stage’s immersive multimedia set were pre-programmed in sync with the music, the actor below could interactively control not only the position, speed and color of the shape around and above him but also the tint of the light. Giving artists the ability to fully control the set around them and thus use the whole stage to express themselves gave the audience a truly stunning and unique experience.


The installation consisted of 169 LED spheres, hanging in a 13 x 13 pixel grid moving up and down on kinetic winches above the center of the venue. It was complemented by 169 beam lights to support the movement structure of the sculpture. A customly generated piece of software processed realtime motion tracking data of performers into position, movement speed, color and intensity data to drive the kinetic installation as well the beam lights.