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Engin Dogan

interactive installation
Immersive art experience


Cooperation between Jazzunique and bright!


Uniting art and technology
in collaboration with artist Engin Dogan and Jazzunique, we developed an immersive and interactive experience that merged the worlds of analog urban art and digital technology. our goal was to create a connection between the physical and virtual realms, using Engin’s artwork as a catalyst for this fusion of art and augmented reality.


we transformed Jazzunique’s showroom, „Imprfct Space,“ into a dynamic and engaging environment where visitors could experience Engin’s art in a whole new way. using augmented reality technology, we brought his paintings to life and allowed viewers to delve into a visual journey of creation.
the result was a unique and memorable exhibit that merged the analog and digital in a way that was both thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing. by bringing Engin’s artwork to life and making it accessible to all, we were able to create a truly immersive and interactive experience that resonated with visitors.