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2021 in München



KIA IAA – Movement that Inspires








inspiring people to interact with the booth on an crowded exhibition
a credible brand experience must be surprising and interactive. if people on site feel that they are not just silent spectators, but a living part of a production, then the connection with the brand is much more intense, immersive and ultimately more sustainable.
a trade show booth is not mobile, but stationary, so the inversion of the claim was obvious to us: „inspire to move“. the movement needed to inspire had to come from visitors to the booth.
the architectural concept needed a pull that would attract from afar and intuitively trigger a reflex for something moving as they approached.
we called this immersive brand experience upon entering the kia world the kia living totem: a responsive installation that reacts live and in real time to people’s movements at and around the booth.
to turn the connection between people and brand into a holistic experience, we created an urban pavilion around the totem, which invited visitors on site on an interactive journey of discovery around the theme of movement that inspires.