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AR production in Riyadh Boulevard City 2022


AR production, media playback and animation works








implementing a multi camera AR production in a very short timeframe and building animation pipelines at the edge of possible pixel aspects
Gamers8, one of the world’s biggest eSports and gaming events, was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) from July – September 2022, with elite tournaments taking place alongside a series of attractions, concerts and entertainment shows in Riyadh Boulevard City.
we were engaged to assist with bringing these tournaments to the next level by creating and running augmented reality visuals, giving an extra layer of entertainment to remote viewers who weren’t able to experience the atmosphere first-hand.


we were commissioned to build an advanced media control workflow for the tournament festival that could automate the larger aspects of this highly complex project. we also had to maintain a variety of on-site LED and handle all video playback via a disguise-based media server system.
the main technical challenge for us was how to implement AR workflows for the Gamers8 main stage, and for the English-language commentator studio. This meant managing a complex, six-camera augmented reality system.