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Mark Forster Tour

liebe tour 2019



Mark Forster „Liebe“ tour 2019




Sector 3




Creative Concept 2d & 3d Content
Content Creation
For this project, we were responsible for creating and concepting the visual side of the „Liebe“ tour performed by Mark Forster in 2019.


This included the 2-dimensional visual show on the screens behind the artist, as well as the conception of the 3-dimensional show and installation of the 160 winches used to realize the event. We enabled the kinetic light installation.


Every song had individual visual designs and was individually planned and developed in consultation with the artist. We used Notch as a base for all our content, as a tool for live broadcasting as well as artistic estrangement. Some parts of the visual content were created using real-life footage captured with the band on tour, while others were of a more abstract or animated nature.


The setup for this project demanded a rather complex disguise setup, using the on-site live camera feeds as an input. The technical requirements also included four GX2 servers. To create the distorted visuals live during the event, the input of each camera was sent through Notch for estrangement purposes and was also pre-mixed here, before being sent to one of the main screens.