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Light up Dubai

New Years eve 2018


New Years Eve 2018 – light up




AO Creative



Creative Concept
3D Content Creation
Media Operating
For the new years eve celebrations 2017, Emaar properties wanted to have a new type of show. With the decision against a classical fireworks display the show paid respect to latest ecological developments. 1.5 million tourists were taking part in the 9 minute lasting show enlightening the Burj Khalifa and its brand new LED media facade.


The Burj Khalifa is an architectural landmark that is firmly anchored in people’s minds. bright! was allowed to transform the visual look of this building. The guiding principle of the entire design process was transformation.


Arab culture is deeply rooted in nomadism and is a perfect contrast to the modern society of the UAE. The country’s development in recent decades can be seen as a superlative symbol of change.


A frame of spotlights was installed to support the iconic outline shape of the Burj, transforming the show from a two-dimensional facade into a 3D space. The perfect symbiosis of the LED facade, lighting and laser design transformed the iconic landmark into a unique multimedia experience. The boundaries of the given architectural form were dissolved and an immersive experience was created.