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New Year’s Eve 2020

in berlin



New Year’s Eve show in Berlin




Concept4Vision GmbH




No pre visualization
No technical setup in advance
Accurate content creation without being on site
Content customization on a virtual 3D model
We wanted to honor Germany’s most famous historical landmark while giving the show a stunning visual look. Therefore, our team developed a visual dramaturgy that increased the impact from song to song. 


In the beginning, we used subtle looks that only played with virtual lights and shadows on the gate architecture. In the final third, the show picked up steam with a visual extravagance of colorful graphics and a grand finale firework at midnight.


In order to be able to adjust many of the looks on the spot at short notice, we used notch real-time graphics for the majority of the songs. A stack of 6 Panasonic PT-RZ 31 laser projectors were used to evenly cover the peat facade of more than 1200 square meters.