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The journey to Rulantica

promotion rulantica


Promotion of the new water park Rulantica








Custom-fit content based on visual models
No possibility to pre-scale on site
Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany, welcoming up to 60,000 visitors a day. To promote Rulantica, the new water park, they wanted to create a show experience that anticipated the visual style and elements of the new attraction.


The projection mapping show combined visual effects with real artists and performers. The idea behind the show was to take the audience through all parts of the newly created fictional story behind all Rulantica-themed attractions. Different visual styles had to be mixed with character animations.


To bring the world of Rulantica to life in a 3D environment, architectural locations had to be built from nothing more than sketches and drawings. Also characters that had only existed in people’s heads for the past several years of Rulantica story development had to be sculpted and rigged. A team of animators worked on the mapping for nearly six months before we could go on site to bring the complex projection to life. The projection was controlled by disguise media servers.