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rocket league championship series

virtual production


virtual production




ESL Sweden




shooting with 72 players within a short timeframe, with no option for CG post-production
together with Frame Force, we created hero shots of 72 players for the Rocket League World Championships. by using a curved LED wall, SP for tracking, and Frame Force’s Bolt Motion Control Camera Robot, we were able to put the players in an immersive studio environment adapted to the KeyVisual for the event.


at the core of our approach was the use of a high-resolution curved LED wall, which served as a versatile backdrop for the hero shots, enhancing the visual experience. the InCamera FX technology played a key role by allowing real-time adjustments to the content displayed on the LED wall, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with the camera’s perspective. this dynamic adaptation added to the immersive quality of the viewing experience, drawing viewers into the action. to further enrich the virtual environment, we integrated augmented reality elements, such as team and player names, providing essential context and engagement.