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United in Diversity

at european central bank


Luminale 2016 at European Central Bank




European Central Bank



Projections on two large buildings at the same time
as a highlight of luminale
We are all united in diversity – this was the message behind this project. The European Central Bank advertised the concept, and the project was done as part of the Luminale 2016 in Frankfurt.


We wanted to visualize the message -united in diversity- over two high-rise buildings belonging to the European Central Bank. A generative algorithm was used to transform the European national anthem into a pattern, which was done with the help of the game engine Unity. Once created, the solo elements of the design were decided upon by various factors and facts known from the European Nations, thus integrating diversity into the equation, uniting a colorful and playful spectacle on the facade for passersby to enjoy.


To complete a project on such a large scale – two skyscrapers in Frankfurt were being projected upon at the same time – a diverse amount of equipment was needed. A total of 24 projectors were required to illuminate the facade of the high-rise buildings, which were all disguise driven. In this case, it was used to process the data as a real-time content engine.