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360 ° mapping show



Christmas mapping show for the whole family








360 degrees projection
outdoor setup
This projection mapping show was developed for the winter season 2019/ 2020 at Europapark. Based on the idea of a big snow globe, the surface of the Eurostar Roller Coaster was chosen as the canvas for this show. Winter and Christmas designs were the visual basis for the show, which were modified and expanded to include characters or other designs from the park itself.


The show begins with the unwrapping of a gift, which is the shell of the roller coaster on which the story unfolds. The show is a journey through different winter themed worlds, all connected to Europa-Park and its characters. Elements of the story include oversized gingerbread figures or robots that build the spherical facade from the inside or other surprises.


Because we wanted to create a really deep 3D effect on a non-flat surface, we had to reinvent the entire content creation process. Using the Hantmades Cake plugin for Cinema 4D, we were able to calculate the perspective distortion we needed. The on-site setup required 12 projectors set up in 4 locations, all with paneling to combine all the images into one.