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valorant masters

AR & show control






XR Studios LLC & Silent Partners Studio




uniting AR & show control
in september 2021, we had the opportunity to work with Stage Precision on the AR control of the Valorant Masters. our team was responsible for managing 8 tracked cameras, including 5 Stype tracking systems with RedSpy and StypeKits and 3 Sony PTZ cameras with FreeD. the Sony PTZ cameras were calibrated with Stage Precision’s lens calibration workflow and repositioned on the ground using a charuco board.



using Stage Precision, we also handled the logic and show control for the event. this included taking control of matrixes, disguise remote, and the Unreal Engine. We were able to remotely control the scenes and necessary parameters through synchronised machines.
additionally, we built a logic in Stage Precision that enabled a backup camera circuit. this meant that we did not need render nodes for all 8 cameras. instead, it was possible to decide at just the push of a button which camera should be used and rendered. the same applied to the backups. in both cases, the correct signal and protocol data were automatically routed.