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BMW C3R1 Importer Conference

live xr studio production


xR BMW sales conference




Die Favoriten




making modern technologies broadcast capable
live AR
the yearly importers conference of BMW region C3R1 was a live broadcasted event from BMW Welt in Munich 2021. Die Favoriten approached us to take care of all visual design elements of the event and to implement an on-site AR production to visually enhance the show and the conveyed business information. in addition, parts of the conference were prerecorded assets shot at our LED xR studio and also involved some virtual driving scenes of brand new BMW cars.


the design process was built around the idea of creating various different virtual spaces to match the content topics of the different keynote speeches. from fully digital immersive camera tracked backgrounds to minimalistic concrete rooms or brand-based architecture with distinctive AR elements – we visualized, designed and created all these worlds in collaboration with „Die Favoriten’s“ creative production team.


backbone of the whole workflow was a full realtime based production environment. we used Unreal Engine and Notch as our core tools to build the variety of worlds. Stage Precision was used to preprogram all camera tracked movements long before the actual production dates and to give our client a good view on the actual camera framings and the way all realtime environments would be used in actual motion.


the xR stage at our studio was extended to fit a car as well as two speakers into the LED background. we used the disguise xR workflow for all LED shots and and a disguise / Stage Precision based workflow for all AR overlays being produced live on site. all camera equipment as well as the tracking units and the realtime render nodes were supplied by us and implemented into a live setup within 48 hours at BMW Welt in Munich.