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House of Prevention

youth against aids


Worldwide prevention conference




Youth Against AIDS e.V.



3 days of live streams
multiple green screen environments at the beginning of the pandemic
Together with and for our long-time customer Youth Against AIDS e.V. we took the challenge to transform one of their annual conferences into a virtual experience for the attendees. In order to make this years edition of the „Haus of Prevention“ as appealing as possible, we decided to go for a very young visual look and for very short episodes within the program.


Whilst a virtual studio setup, for which we transformed and further developed the Youth Against AIDS CI into the third dimension, was the main hub for the 3 day long broadcast, a second set, built out of real props, and a lot of top-notch international dial-in speakers, added some more excitement and made the conference a big success with over 8.000 viewers worldwide.


As Youth Against AIDS approached us shortly after the pandemic hit the globe in March 2020 and asked us, to support them on virtualizing their yearly worldwide conference, it was pretty clear from the start that they wanted to do something that would over exceed the expectations of a „normal online event“ at that time. We came up with the idea of setting their speakers into virtual worlds that would consist of brand elements instead of doing just another Teams Live Event. As the event had over 50 remote guests that would join in different panel discussion, we wanted to make them stand out in a special way. We decided to integrate all remite guests into AR elemnts instead of showing them on screens in the studio.


The visual language of the whole conference derived form Youth Against AIDS‘ overall CI that was just relaunched shortly before the event. We took the brand guidelines and transformed them into the third dimension to work as virtual backgrounds and AR elements. In addition to the graphical elemens, sponsors were implemented into the overall design.


The different streams were held from our studio and office facillities and were green screen based sets that featured full virtual backgrounds as well as presentations and remote guests in AR space. We used Stage Precision in combination with Stype for camera tracking purposes and all AR elements and virtual backgrounds were built in Notch and played back in a disguise setup.