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Eurovision Song Contest

show 2019



Media server system








Providing superb playback solutions for one of the world’s
largest TV events
Frictionless cooperation of system and disguise
PRG, the leading provider of technical solutions for live events, chose bright! to handle the video playback system for their 2019 show. this project marked the official rollout of the new disguise VX4, which has quickly become the go-to solution for multi-screen video output setups.
the bright! team was responsible for installing all of the necessary equipment and ensuring that it was operating smoothly throughout the preproduction, rehearsals, and live shows. we were able to deliver a seamless and reliable playback experience for the video performances from all participating nations.
the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music competition that features participants from over 50 countries in europe and beyond. The ESC is a beloved institution throughout europe and beyond, and it is watched by millions of people around the world every year.
overall, the collaboration between PRG and bright! was a success, with the disguise VX4 serving as the cornerstone of a smooth and successful event.