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Michelin EUnited

business conference 2021


Online live stream






Preparation of a flexible set
Suitability for any show situation
Our client approached us in the need of a service provider that could take care of all visual and technical aspects of a multi-channel and multi-language business conference. In collaboration with the Uniplan team, we developed a COVID-proof stage design for the conferene to fit our studio space, created all video assets needed to tell the story and built the actual technical implementation as well as a customized stage-set.


The stage design had to fit multiple needs throughout the rundown. From one-on-one talks to panel discussions or virtual conferencing setups – we designed a solid balance between close-up background sets as well as glossy wide shots. Heart of the concept was a high-resolution 6x3m LED screen that was meant to be used for all media displays and interactions.


Our motion design and animation process was based on a general CI that Uniplan developed especially for the conference. We took their 2D still-image-based design and traslated it into the third dimension in motion.


The on-site setup consisted of two seperated conference setups. One stage for all live parts, panel discussions, deep dive keynotes and the overal opening and closing speeches. And one fully virtual event setup that consisted of virtual panel discussions, pre-produced media assets as well as Power Point sessions. Both events, that were streamed simultaneously to a dedicated event platform were broadcasted from our studio over failsafe independent internet connections. Almost 50 remote guests were implemented into various parts over the two days of the event.