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Genshin Impact

video production in val thorens


Production of a game trailer








Double digit minus degrees
Burden for technology, artists and crew
Transporting extensive equipment to a ski resort
The double-digit minus temperatures in Val Thorens were not only noticeable in the fingers of the pianist and the harpist. Also, our technology, especially Cameras and other gear batteries, had to deal with these extreme temperatures.


Nevertheless, we managed to transport not only our technology and crew but also a complete symphony orchestra, including instruments, to a snowy and difficult-to-access ski resort located 2300 meters above sea level. Through our full service, the planning and direction, as well as the camera, set-up, and technology, were organized and executed by bright!.


Our main tasks were the set design, video production, and photographic documentation for the client as a part of their marketing plan. With three Camera teams, we filmed multiple Locations and events in the resort, as well as the highlight with the full Orchestra playing in the middle of this snowy landscape. Therefore we not only used our 12m Camera Jib but also four additional cameras to get all needed shots in the shortest possible amount of time due to the extreme cold.


This Project resulted in a great video, promoting the new Genshin Impact map featuring the alps.