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10 years QSTP

10 year anniversary in qatar


Tenth anniversary celebration of the National Library




fischerAppelt Qatar




Tracking based content
This project was completed in service of the 10 year anniversary of the Qatar Science and Technology Park. The QTSP is one of the largest tech hubs in the middle east and asked us to concept and execute a show for them. The main focus of the show was to keep the theme relevant to the technology park, therefore we worked a lot with tracking systems and other technological driven software and show elements.


The creation of the real-time content for this show was done entirely with Notch. Tracking capabilities and limitations were already taken into account during the creation and tuning phase. To bring the visuals of the different show elements together, the main style of the show was strongly based on the CI worlds of the startups that are part of the QTSP.


The implementation was mainly done with the Stage Precision system Opti Track, but also with the help of other softwares like Disguise and Notch. Special tracking flashes were developed for this project. They allowed virtual environments to come alive on the screen, as the environment only became visible within the virtual light cone.