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Delivering production services for multiple virtual studios in a high demand / low on time environment
In 2020 ESL Gaming first approached bright! to support with Unreal Engine based virtual studio workflows. Since then, the cooperation has been growing to bright! taking care of multiple green-screen based studios for ESL in different countries at the same time. bright! usually supplies all real-time playback hardware, camera tracking systems as well as the overall control suite to cue different events during live broadcast.


Together with ESL gaming, bright! has developed a unique workflow to realize high standard broadcast scenarios in accordance with highly flexible customization of the virtual worlds. bright! takes care of realizing the green-screen based virtual studios for multiple e-sports tournaments and the whole workflow relies on Unreal as the key render engine as well as Stage Precision as the main control tool.


The different virtual studio scenarios are either been built by ESL in-house staff or are developed by bright!’s own real-time graphics design team. The setups usually consist of a background world that is played back by Unreal and multiple complex objects in AR space. These can include game maps, player stats, remote presenters or visual effects. Stage Precision is used as the centralized hub to gain full control over the virtual setup. The high broadcast standard is achieved by using hadrware key devices outside of the engine and combining the visual layers at the end of the real-time stack.